is a unique search engine that links your MyAnimeList or Hummingbird account with our database of anime opening and ending themes. All themes are collected by contributors at /r/AnimeThemes, go check them out!

Searching for your themes is simple: go to the main page and type in your MyAnimeList or Hummingbird username. Make sure the correct option is selected. You can then filter through the results by using the filter text-box. It's that simple! supports various hotkeys for traversing videos.

A: Toggle autoplay mode
S: Toggle shuffle mode
R: Toggle repeat mode
J or Left Arrow: Go back one video
K or Space Bar: Pause/play video
L or Right Arrow: Go forward one video

Certain OPs, EDs, and mirror links are tagged. Here is a list of these tags and what they mean.

Tag Meaning
NC No captions/no credits
Subbed Video includes subtitles of dialogue
Lyrics Video includes English lyrics as subtitles
Cen Video is censored
Uncen Video is uncensored from original broadcast
60FPS Video is 60 frames per second
Spoiler Contains spoilers
NSFW Not safe for work
Trans Part of the episode transitions into the video
BD Video is sourced from a Blu-ray disc
720 720p
1080 1080p


April 2016

4.2.2016: Fixed special characters in anime & song names
4.3.2016: Added "Show in-progress" button to include anime that you are currently watching
4.7.2016: Added in majority of Spring 2016 OP & EDs. Use that in-progress button! (Auto-play is on the way very soon)
4.14.2016: Autoplay! Push the button to start autoplay - The next video will automaticallly play when the first is over
4.17.2016: now logs anime that aren't in our database - This will help us target which shows we should support
4.18.2016: Hotkey functionality & announcement text on index page
4.26.2016: Fixed a nasty bug with Firefox causing "ghost" audio playback. Spooky

May 2016

5.3.2016: Shuffle mode and a new notification system
5.4.2016: Hummingbird support is here! There's a new system for fullscreen videos & autoplay, try it out.
5.5.2016: Revamped the options - Filter parts of your AnimeList and what videos are shown on your page
5.20.2016: Playlist functionality! Pretty big update, playlists can now be created and pseudo-saved
5.26.2016: Search by anime. Select the option in the main dropdown
5.27.2016: Search by anime optimization. Continuous playlist when doing direct anime search
5.29.2016: Pre-curated lists are now available next to the About button

June 2016

6.2.2016: Small text changes :^)
6.26.2016: Forgot to escape a character

September 2016

9.17.2016: Nuked all links due to malware

October 2016

10.26.2016: Updated VLC for iOS support to stream directly to the app

November 2016

11.4.2016: Start of database restructuring and new indexing system
11.14.2016: Finish of aformentioned
11.17.2016: Finished website changes for 2.0 - including a new priority system, fully automated indexing, and more

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